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Learning to Love My Curves

I have been a curvy girl since my early teen years, I would give anything to get back to the figure I had when I was 16-19 those was the days when I was perfect and didn't even know it. I was at a healthy weight of 165 and had a little hour glass figure to accompany my weight. Back then I certainly didn't cherish my figure, I didn't know or really cared what a figure was to be honest because I was trying to focus on graduating high school and getting into a good college. (Which I did) I ate what I want with no regrets, I was fit enough for basic activities and barely exercised at all. But fast forward to now, I can't enjoy a simple sand which without thinking that maybe I should have omitted the cheese or chose a healthier bread. I am now 21 years old 240 wait no, 238 pounds ( I just weighed myself), and although I'm considered plus size I am starting to love my figure. I still have that hourglass shape from a few years ago, and I'm loving it!  Don't get me…
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Pros and Cons of Shopping on Instagram

Instagram is not just for sharing photos with your friends. It has become more and more of a trend to see Store owners use their Stores Instagram account as a selling base. How many times have you seen " Comment your Email address to receive an invoice to make a purchase"? To some people being able to shop on Instagram is a life saver but there are many others that significantly hated their decision to make a purchase on the social media site. There are a few up/downs that I notice and I hope sharing this information would make your next decision to shop from Instagram more wiser.    

PROS  1). Connecting with the Brand/Company  - it's quite easy for a company to engage with its customers on Instagram, a customer gets the opportunity to communicate with the company by commenting their concerns, questions or requests under a photo on the company's account. Sometimes this seems to be the fastest way to get an answer to a simple question without having to …

$5.99 Fashion: Mini Haul

Hello beauties!  So I picked up just a few items from 599 fashion.  If you haven't heard of them yet, there are a online discount store which carry a selection of fashion apparel, beauty products, and accessories all for $5.99 or less.  If you're a frequent reader of this blog, then you know how frugal I am when it comes to shopping. This is my second purchase from 599 fashion, and I can honestly say that the company met my expectations with both of my purchases.  Now when I first heard of this company, I didn't think they would have any stylish or up to date trendy items on their site. But browsing through the inventory online for the first time  I was completely shocked. There is so many trendy pieces to choose from! They have an amazing selection of jewelry which most pieces are $2.99! Which is just perfect for me because I love affordable jewelry, a stylish necklace can put the right finishing to a dull outfit! With this mini haul I picked up atleast four of their nec…

Coastal Scents Mini Haul + Swatches!

Hello Beauties!
 So I caught this amazing $ 0.99 Hot Pot Eyeshadow Sale at Coastel Scents! I am totally shocked to say the colors pigmentation is amazing! Such a much needed upgrade from the last time I purchased 2  88 Color Eye Shadow Palette from Coastel Scents that I wasn't impressed with! The colors of those 88 Color Palettes lacked the pigmentation I needed. But today me and Coastel Scents are off to a new beginning, and I am currently in loved with them! Maybe I will go back and purchase the Revealed Palettes, but I just wanted to purchase the individual Hot Pot eyeshadows first just to customize my palette. And I am so happy I purchased the hot pots! I chose a couple of colors that are very daring, just to test out and figure out how to get the colors to work for me, I'm trying to escalate my makeup skills, so I figured to try to go for vibrant colors that I usually stray away from. And after swatching the colors I am so impressed, I paid a total of $17.83 for a magnet…

Small Makeup Haul!

12 Basic College Wardrobe Essentials

Hello Roomies!
 College is a big step for us! Coming into college many of us are just clueless on...well just about everything. One of the most important things for me is wardrobe. I know a lot of you will agree that your wardrobe for your very first semester of college just wasn't up to par. I came into college thinking "oh it's just school, I don't necessarily need to put any thought into what I need to wear because I'm just going to learn." Back then my college attire was basically "plain jane" and not in a good way. Luckily two semesters together and I finally have my look together. I have put together a list of 12 basic college wardrobe essentials, that I think will add character to any college girl's attire.
1. Cardigans! - These items are a necessity for a college wardrobe. You would definitely need them for layering. I feel it's  necessary to have at least 3 Cardigans in your closet, because they are lightweight and perfect for any…

My 2 Favorite Instagram Shoetiques!

I spend a lot of time on Instagram Window Shopping! I'm obsessed with lolashoetique and solelavish ! These two shops has every style , every color and can satisfy every budget! Here are a few items that are on my shoe wishlist!

You may follow these two shoetiques on Instagram @lolashoetique and @solelavish follow me as well @_beautyofaqueen